"Byte3 Digital Product" Customer Specification

Digital product description

The Byte3 (byte cube) technology is a digital safety deposit box where any digitized data can be stored, including data expressed in monetary terms. The simplest example is that you purchased some byte cubes at a price of $250, in other words, you rented and put $250 in your safety deposit box. You can store this digitized data in the "vault" for as long as you want, and you can: transfer, donate, exchange, and sell it whenever and however you want. Byte3 is unique, each safety deposit box consists of "cells" which are part of a limited space inside of the digital vault called the Giga Cube, which contains 1,024 million "cells." Each Byte3 is unlike any other, unique, and has its specific coordinates inside of the Giga Cube vault.

The uniqueness of Byte3 is determined and protected not only by the coordinates in the Giga Cube’s digital vault, but also by the digital parameters, and even by color characteristics and color patterns.

A feature of the Byte3 digital cells is that they are issued/reserved only once and cannot be reused. Thus, not only the number of unique digital cells is limited, but also their use – it can only be opened/redeemed once.

Each Byte3 is visually represented by a unique NFT – non-fungible-token, a specially generated video file visually showing the Byte3 itself, a unique digital work of art. The peculiarity is that this NFT cannot exist without Byte3 and the only way it can be created is through the issuance of Byte3 cell(s) or several Byte3 cells (fragments).

Features of using the Byte3 digital product.

First, it is beautiful, exclusive, limited, unique, and safe/secure.

Secondly, once you open/redeem the digital product, it is impossible to refill or reuse it.

Unlike most NFTs, whose protection and ownership are based on blockchain technology, Byte3 is protected in itself and is a kind of a non-custodial safety deposit box. Anyone who will present the original Byte3 digital key to the NFT will be considered the rightful holder and beneficiary of the safety deposit box and its contents.

Finally, the NFT data rules determine its fixed estimate. Regardless of supply-demand quotes, expectations and speculations, recycling will be carried out no higher than the original nominated price.


  • "Byte Cube" is a single unit of Byte3’s proprietary technology.
  • "Giga Cube" is a group of Byte Cubes.
  • "Slice" is a group of Byte Cubes taken out of a Giga Cube.
  • "Holder" is anyone in possession of one or more Slices.

The Byte3 Digital Product is a combination of two things;

1. A unique Slice of Byte Cubes.

2. A unique NFT rendered in the form of a 1080p 60/fps HD MP4 video file.

The Slice is used as the source from which the NFT is derived. This results in a unique and non-repeating custom NFT that is a direct visual representation of the Slice.

The unique Slice consists of Byte Cubes that are taken out in a sequence from a Giga Cube in accordance with the rules set forth on the publicly available Byte3 website (https://byte3.io/about/).

The NFT is created to visually exhibit the source Slice. This way the NFT cannot exist without the Slice, and the only way it is possible to generate the NFT is to first issue a Slice.

Package Contents

When you purchase an NFT from Byte3, you should expect the following file structure:

  • A compressed ZIP archive file
  • LICENSE.md file with a WTFPL License
  • /^[0-9a-f]{4}\.[0-9a-f]{16}\.byte3$/i Slice certificate file (example: 0000.0000000000000000.byte3)
  • /^[0-9a-f]{4}\.[0-9a-f]{16}\.mp4$/i NFT video file (example: 0000.0000000000000000.mp4)
  • README.md with links for additional info

It is your choice of what you will do with the contents. You can extract them or keep them compressed. You can make copies, rename, encrypt, re-archive, etc. Maximum effort was made to make sure that the package contents would be viewable and accessible by all recent: operating systems, personal computers, devices, and browsers.

Identifiable Features

The NFT comes with a few identifiable features that set it apart from any other NFT and make it unique. This allows Holders to verify the uniqueness and authenticity of their NFT.

A. The most important feature is the Slice that is attached to the NFT as an authenticity certificate. It is not just a certificate that can verify the authenticity of the NFT, it is also the source. Think of it like the DNA from which the NFT was made. Thus, a Holder can use the original certificate to generate the exact same unique NFT.

B. Since each Slice is unique and only issued once, when the NFT is being generated, it has a few unique identifiable features.

  • The Giga Cube ID from which the Slice was taken.
  • The coordinates of the Slice in the form of X, Y, and Z values.
  • The length of the Slice.

There are other values included in the Slice but they are used internally by Byte3 during verification and authentication of source.

C. And the most unique feature of the NFT is the colors used during the creation of the NFT. The colors are a visual representation of the data that was used as the source from which the images are generated. The Slice being the origin data.


Being a Digital Product, there are certain security concepts that must be understood in order to protect a Byte3 NFT. The Slice that is provided with the NFT should be protected and treated just like any other private key would be (think Bitcoin). Understand that if you share a copy of the certificate with someone else, they would have the power of taking ownership of the NFT from you.

In order to allow secure transfer and possession of the NFTs, Byte3 provides certain extended functions through their Online Platform. Please refer to the Online Platform Terms for more details.

Please note that due to the nature of how video files are: copied, transferred, and shared, there is a chance that your video will change in: format, compression, size, etc. Because of this, even though the video images are a direct generative result from the Slice, video file ownership will not be considered as verification or authentication of NFT ownership. The Slice certificate will be the end-all-be-all defining item that authenticates the ownership and validity of the Holder.


Please note that just like with any Digital Products there are risks involved in buying, selling, storing, and protecting your assets. MORE STUFF HERE WITH GENERAL DIGITAL ASSET DISCLAIMERS